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Engl Biography Baranova
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Yuliia Baranova, born in 1990, currently lives in Kiev.

Works in the directions of magical realism, surrealism and impressionism. Predominantly uses multi-layer oil painting technique.

Yuliia is a self-taught artist, whose first painting in her life immediately got to the All-Ukrainian exhibition.

Born in Krasny Luch, Luhansk region, received her higher education at the Kharkiv Aviation Institute.

She devoted most of her life to music, she has been painting since 2019. She prefers to work with oil, because, according to her, she writes this material herself, you just need to learn not to interfere with it.

For Yuliia, painting is a kind of modern magic that allows you to change space and touch the secrets of the universe.

The paintings and books of Salvador Dali, Nicholas Roerich, the works of Mikhail Bulgakov and Fyodor Dostoevsky, and the music of Tom Waits had a great influence on the artist's work. Interest in oriental philosophy played an important role in the formation of the artistic style.

Yuliia draws inspiration from travel. The frightening beauty of wildlife and the peculiarities of unfamiliar cultures, intertwining with each other, create a kaleidoscope of impressions, which then appear on the canvas. The artist collects textures, shadows and sensations that make her canvases unique.

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Yuliia Baranova, Date of birth: 29.11.1990 Adress: Kyiv, Ukraine Contact information: website: phone. +380686374055 E-mail: Instagram: @baranovaart Works in th

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