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Microcosm in the workshop

Обновлено: 18 янв. 2021 г.

Since childhood, before starting something new, I ask myself the question:

how can you do it better?

In painting, the answer for me is the phenomenon of dispersion: you need to take white,

inconspicuous, and, dividing it into parts, show the harmony of beauty on the canvas.

By dividing images, I unite the worlds.

I believe that the artist is a true magician, and his magic is relaxed concentration, complete dissolution of attention in the object.

Notice the simple pleasures and wonders of life, admire them (enjoy every sip of morning tea), be able to stop and remember, dream, feel...The secret of such magic is almost lost.

That is really important to notice the beauty,

the illustration of the universal order and harmony!

Trying to be a fairly pure conductor, I create my microcosm on the canvas, "working out" undesirable phenomena and spreading beautiful ones.

The mood of all future work depends on the first touch of the canvas. I feel, find and “release” objects that already exist in the picture, but will never appear without my participation.

I relax, let go of myself. I hear the rhythm ...

I convey the maximum through the picture.

I give energy to flow freely through, achieving complete trust in the world. And I focus on miracles. I feel. You feel.

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