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Creative Credo

Обновлено: 18 янв. 2021 г.

engl Creative credo Baranova
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I found myself as an artist - a mystical realist. I want to erase the edges of reality, because it's time to adapt to life in a new, universal, panpsychic world.

Opening myself, I help to expand consciousness to all who are ready for this. This is what happens: with my work, I suggest believing in the inexplicable. Through the primal awe of the mystical, intangible, the perceiving consciousness for a moment switches to where the usual framework of reality is no longer clear and immutable. The angle of view changes.

With each new work, bit by bit, I create a space that will become a mirror for the viewer. Having admitted the possibility of the existence of something more, seeing this, the contemplator gets rid of the fear of knowing himself.

I try to present to all seekers the state that I have experienced many times - the state of fullness, flow, the feeling of “dancing with the Universe”. By itself, it can occur during creativity and travel, but it can also be called at any time of its own free will. Having tuned in this way, you feel the interconnection of everything with everything, and the physical world itself adjusts to the observer. Usually people “in the Stream” are given an inexplicable, cosmic look. I want to see him more often.

Through my paintings and travels, I not only convey the state of "fabulous" existence, but also provide untold addresses where the answers lie. This is a kind of debt to the beauty of the world.

I like to feel how a drawing on a canvas becomes a "living" object, I like to notice how the space around me changes as a result. I want to learn to be in this “dance” all the time and so form a feeling society of like-minded people, together prepare for the transition of consciousness to a new level. It's time to learn to live in the real world, without ossified ideas about its full tangibility.

There is something else that makes me create by any means: it is the creators themselves. It can be harder for talented people than for others to accept themselves. Creativity actually kills the wearer if he is not balanced. I want to be on the same frequency with gifted people to support each other when needed.

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